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Design and Branding

Branding Identity

We create not just a beautiful design of your company's image and product, we develop a well-thought-out one-piece solution that can promote, sell or increase the value of your company's projects, emphasizing the company's advantages and high market status.

We realize a great amount of work:

  • we explore special features of your business and business of your competitors
  • we develop a strategy of creating, implementing and popularizing of each item from the optimal brand identity set
  • make your brand identity unique and eye-catching

We will select an optimal set of brand identity items for you.



Naming is a promotional tool that conveys the brand truth and its advantages. We create a name that is free for registration, select a domain name. The main criteria for the naming development are harmony, unambiguity, uniqueness and the absence of ‘floating’ accent.


Brand book

The final stage of the visual identification development is the creation of guidelines for the use of corporate identity or brand book. Brand book goal is to keep visual attributes out from unwanted changes and to avoid misinterpretation of the brand in further marketing materials. The full brand book content is determined individually, depending on the corporate identity items, but its structure always includes such sections as:

  • a set of rules on the logo usage (security fields, unacceptable application options)
  • brand colors and its combinations
  • style-forming elements (main and additional typefaces, patterns)
  • decorative elements of brand identity
  • brand identity development examples shown on marketing materials

Marketing kit

Marketing kit is a selling presentation in a convenient print format that helps your clients to make the right choice and cooperate exactly with you. This is an irreplaceable tool at meetings and conversations, which will tell about the company, increase customer loyalty, create the best sales conditions, regardless of your location and computer availability.

Development begins with a company's business research, the product / service, market, competitors specificity research. We develop a structure and text, a design that takes into account the characteristics of the target audience, based on the getting analysis results. We adapt the marketing kit for e-mailing, which is also a tool for increasing customer confidence and loyalty. Marketing kit is already selling while you are reading this text :)


Motion design & 3D

Using modern instruments and our motion-designers experience, we will create an animated video for you that will effectively reveal the core of your service, present your product, increase the trust degree to your company and will reliably increase the number of sales. Visual information is better digested by most people and increases conversion on 30%! We will create a video that will deliver the necessary information to a potential client much more effectively than dozens of text pages or images.

Are you an owner of an online or a local business? Increase your sales and brand awareness with a unique video about your company or product!

We develop animated logos, character animation, video infographics.



We create design layouts of everything that can be printed. More than 100 ads types: corporate documentation, advertising printing, catalogs, packaging, menus, gift certificates.