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The support

Content support

Quality care about your internet-product.
We will do everything to make the information on your website up-to-date:

  • from adding news
  • implementing new functionalities with subsequent A/B testing.

Integration of any complexity

Integration of data systems to enhance the effectiveness, time and resources savings, qualitative and correct business management.

We will select for you individual systems for specific purposes

  • bookkeeping
  • logistics management
  • management of price-lists
  • organizing of the works inside the company (CRM – systems)

We will provide with

  • increasing the sales with by empowering sales departments and client support
  • easy of information monitoring, presented by consumers at different places of cooperation
  • streamlining of business processes facilitated, money and time savings
  • lower cost of laborious manual work, report writing, administrating of data systems and websites


Qualitative, comprehensive analysis of the Internet resource, identifying the reasons that prevent from website promotion.

We will carry out the quality assessment in terms of different aspects:

  • Usability, design, SEO, analysis of marketplace and competitors
  • We do the detailed research of the problem instead of general advices
  • Setting out ways of solving problems
  • We will give specific recommendations on addressing the causes
  • We`ll help to increase the conversion of the website
  • Increase the average check

Answer the following questions:

  • What do the clients need?
  • Why do the clients buy from competitors?
  • Is your website user-friendly on different devices?

Following our recommendations provides you with:

  • Effective website search promotion
  • It will directly benefit increasing sales

Project concept

Project concept is the most important stage of website development, defining the website aims and the options of its realization.

  • We clearly formulate goals
  • We develop qualitatively the technical project and its structure
  • Define the target audience and its demands
  • We guarantee that Your website will be user-friendly
  • We model the cooperation of the website with its users
  • Save Your time and money
  • During the project concept stage it is easy to make edits (in future every change increase the development time and involve additional expense)

The fully responsiveness of the websites

Modernization of internet-sources for comfort displaying on computers and other mobile devises.
We`ll help You to extend circle of clients by users of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and so on.
We provide you with the correct displaying of the website on the devices with any screen resolution.

Make the fully responsive websites, online-stores and portals.

Reference resources, social networks, online services and so on the whole website and its separate pages. Regardless of CMS and the technologies of your front-end development.

Robust growth of sales.
The client find the information by the convenient way, submit a request/ order.