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Digital marketing

SEO promotion

The way to the top of the most popular search engines.
How does the process of searching the goods and services start? With a request in search engines.
Your website doesn’t appear on the first page according to key request in search engines? You lose the most of your potential customers.
We won`t let the clients to pass by

  • level up in search results
  • Increase the target traffic while optimal advertising budget

It`s enough to submit a request!


SEO optimization

An integral part of SEO, preparation for release in top search engines.
We suggest particular solutions for the identified problems and then integrate these solutions.
The results of one-time works – increasing the targeted traffic, raising the positions in search engines.

What do we suggest?

  • Make an analysis of usability, title, description, texts and headlines.
  • Test the correctness of displaying on different devices and loading speed.
  • Using the instruments of web-analytics we study the behavior of visitors on the website, identify the places that need refinement.
  • Give recommendations on the content updating assistance.
  • Make everything for the improving the visibility of your goods/ services in normal search engines.
  • Make a report with recommendations how to improve the usability.

Contextual advertising

It focuses on the target audience and allows not to waste advertising budget.

  • We provide a range of services on turn-key advertising campaign configuring or maintenance - from collection of semantic core and creation of advertisements up to optimization and maintenance.
  • We build up to 10 profiles of your clients and carry out an advertisement campaign for each one.
  • We store the visitors` data and take them back with the help of personalized announcements.
  • Daily we analyze the company`s results, adjust the rates, cutting costs of advertising budget.
  • We hold system advertising campaigns based on web-analytics and the calltracking data.
  • We help to connect advertisement campaign and CRM-system for improving the efficiency of contextual advertisement.
  • If necessary, we connect and use the external systems of advertisement automation.
  • We make decisions on changing and optimization of advertising campaigns based only on business – analytics.
  • Monthly we work on the management and optimization of advertising campaigns.

We will help You:

  • Find the loyal clients who are ready to purchase.
  • Make rational use of services for placing the contextual advertising GoogleAdwords on the search engine pages.
  • Pay for each new attracted visitor not for advertisement.
  • Increase the conversion of You website.
  • Promote Your business in the Internet constantly increasing the level of online sales.

The result:
On average, the ROI advertising campaign of our clients has increased in 3,7 times.
Thanks to reducing the cost of clicks, increasing the advertisement efficiency, highlighting competitive advantages and more factors which we operate in advertising campaigns


E-mail – marketing

One of the operational techniques of cooperation with clients – Your letter will surely be delivered and read.
We will help you to increase the reselling of goods and check amount, informing the clients about stocks, special offers with the help of newsletters.
Realize the newsletter with the help of popular services like mailchimp, sendpulse, unisender and so on (which allow to send more than 2500 letters for free):

  • Test its correct displaying at all e-mails services.
  • Give you an advice about the qualitative collection of data.
  • You letters won`t get into junk mail.